About the Fifth Project

The Fifth Project is a blog and community by me, Katie. A 24 year old Londoner who drinks too much expensive coffee to fuel achingly millennial ventures and prove that we're not the hopeless, tech addicted, lazy generation we're claimed to be.

Why The Fifth Project?

Simply, I've had a number of "projects", from health battles, careers, my own nutrition coaching business and now, as Co-Founder of The Wellness Collective and Vlique

I am an experienced public speaker and writer on topics ranging from nutrition and health, to entrepreneurship and female empowerment, and have featured in a number of publications including The HuffPost Blog, Daily Mail, Sun and London Live TV.

I've been through the highs and lows (and still do), the all-nighters, burn-outs, weight loss, weight gain, caffeine dependancy, borderline gin dependancy...you name it. The Fifth Project is about putting to use my experience both as a young entrepreneur and a qualified nutrition coach to create an honest account, supporting ambitious twenty-somethings do it all while looking after yourself at the same time.

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We are the future. Look after your body and brain, create cool stuff and enjoy the lifestyle you want.


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