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Building Brands and Healthy Snacking: Interview with Kelly Maslen,

Building Brands and Healthy Snacking: Interview with Kelly Maslen,

It's been a crazy few weeks (what's new, right...?) and I've ended up with a load of half-written articles and ideas lined up to get out (oops.) Note to self...write in advance and schedule.

Anyway, I want this blog to champion young women (and men) in business, from all sorts of industries to inspire everyone to get out there, do your thing and, most importantly, let it be something that builds us up rather than kills you (because it's really freaking hard sometimes...)

With that in mind, I caught up with with Kelly Maslen, founder of KIN nutrition and retreats, property developer, Londoner and yogi to kick things off with a healthy focus on the never ending challenges of entrepreneurship...

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Kelly, please introduce yourself and what you do!

I'm Co-Founder of KIN, working alongside my husband, Kyle, who's Co Founder number 2! KIN is a lifestyle wellness brand, offering products and services through nutrition and travel - KIN Nutrition (premium vegan and whey supplements), and KIN retreats, a unique fitness and relaxation week in Ibiza.

Mmmm wouldn't mind a trip to Ibiza right about now... So why did KIN come about, and why is it so awesome?

The idea of the nutrition products came in 2014, when we couldn't find a natural supplement on the market that also tasted great (especially vegan). KIN retreats started in 2015 in Ibiza to give guests a unique retreat that includes fitness, yoga and relaxation (not one or the other). We have a strong focus on our customers - educating and listening to them is very important to us.

With so much going on, what's your top tip for staying healthy when you've got so much to juggle?

Always have a snack with you to avoid long periods without nutrients. This is the ethos that inspired our Travel Collection - small reusable tubs to take anywhere. I'm happier when I'm healthier, which is why it's important to me as priority.

What's the biggest challenge you've overcome?

We have challenges every day! One of the biggest was deciding to rebrand in 2016. We learned so much. Most opportunities are disguised as challenges!

SO TRUE...If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

Celebrate every success, especially the small ones. This will keep you focused.

And finally...what keeps you going when things get really tough?

Kyle is my rock, we're always there for each other :)

Awwww thanks Kelly! Go and share some love over on instagram @theldnyogi @inthe_kin @kin_nutrition and check out KIN at www.inthekin.com

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